A new beginning

Hello! If you’ve stumbled upon this site, hello and welcome. This is a casual blog slash mini-portfolio of my illustrations, animations, and photography.

The funny thing about this site is that it’s actually, secretly, 8 years old already. Deep within the bowels of the Media Library are dozens of old files and images from college days: the first few forays into digital illustration, poster-making, and the occasional fan rant (webcomics are a drug, man). I forgot to update, and eventually, forgot that this site even existed. And so it has lain dormant. At least, until 24 hours ago, when I began excavating and archiving and pruning the blog so that it’s ready for a fresh new start.

I hope that this post marks a new beginning of sorts for me as well; providing the momentum and inspiration to create, create, create.


Published by momatoes

A graduate of BS Industrial Engineering, Bim is currently a Graphic Designer, Technical Writer, and Communications Coordinator with over five years of cumulative work experience in international development organizations.

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