Hong Kong: Urban Jungle

My sister and I visited the city way back in 2013. It was a special trip for me, as it was the very first time that I had actually tried shooting with an actual, honest-to-goodness, proper camera (a Nokia 6610 makes for a poor DSLR, unfortunately). And what better place to explore the world of photography than through Hong Kong?


Hong Kong’s atmosphere strikes a wild, multilayered timbre that reflects the city’s very own aesthetic. Strolling through the city, it almost seemed like every single person and building in the city was infused by the feeling of movement. Everything must be on the go. If it cannot be moved, then something else must move, on top of it.


I was struck by the plurality of images that I saw in the city. From the people that rush to and fro…


to half-hidden shops that offer trinkets and treasures…


to the multitude of signs that dominate Hong Kong’s vertical space…


I saw a bustle and a hurricane, buoyed up by the frenetic mingling of history with modernity.




Hong Kong — a true urban jungle.

Photos were taken January 2013 on a well-loved and much-battered Canon EOS 550D.

Published by momatoes

A graduate of BS Industrial Engineering, Bim is currently a Graphic Designer, Technical Writer, and Communications Coordinator with over five years of cumulative work experience in international development organizations.

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