I’m momatoes, known in real life as Bianca Canoza, and my passion is creating wondrous art, memorable games, and compelling communications.

I wear many hats — as an illustrator, game designer, and associate communciations officer, but my craft is united by my mission to build up a vision into experiences that tell a story. And I’ve created so many stories: from a microcosm of artworks of magic and intrigue, to interactive tabletop games about impending dooms, to presentations and technical documentation that create strong value propositions for large-scale, complex projects.

And now, I want to tell your story. What idea can I help you bring to life?

My Skills


Vivid and colorful artworks that veer into the magical, the wondrous, the mesmerizing. I’ve been drawing digital since I could remember. My illustrations have been used to add color to indie tabletop games. See a sampling of my work here.

Business Storytelling

I transform business goals into stories that stick. I work with clients to understand their business, refine the core message, and create presentations and multimedia that give the best impact for the initiative.

Communications for Change

Blending change management philosophy with the creation of effective communication products, my experience in change-led communications help projects inspire behavioral change in corporate settings.

Tabletop Game Design

Tabletop games help gamers explore complex and nuanced themes, such as memory, legacy, and healing. But my repertoire also has space for immediately satisfying experiences — such as defeating the apocalypse. Learn more here.

Graphic Design

I specialize in layout design for publications, whether it’s a content-heavy tabletop game or a development report filled with oodles of tables. Other skills include branding, identity, and even banners and infographics.

Technical Writing

I’ve written briefs on gender and IT, development in 3rd-world countries. I’ve also helped edit business cases, written technical documentation for software, as well as user guides for complex systems.

Recent work experience

Associate Communications Officer


-Implement the IT department’s first-ever Communication Framework
-Strategize and lead high-impact change management communications for IT projects
-Supervise creatives with unique blends of skillsets

Senior Technical Writer and Graphic Designer


-Produced outstanding written and graphic communications
– Reviewed and revised departmental communications and training materials for clarity and impact

Graphic Design Consultant


-Designed print and multimedia products such as reports, video, as well as infographics.

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