Hong Kong: Urban Jungle

My sister and I visited the city way back in 2013. It was a special trip for me, as it was the very first time that I had actually tried shooting with an actual, honest-to-goodness, proper camera (a Nokia 6610 makes for a poor DSLR, unfortunately). And what better place to explore the world ofContinue reading “Hong Kong: Urban Jungle”

Zen in Eikando

The foliage of Eikando Temple is said to be most spectacular during Autumn. During the season, evening lights illuminate red leaves that stretch out towards the starry sky. I arrived there last year just as summer was ending; the scarlet hues that would eventually dominate Eikando’s foliage had not yet fully taken root. Still, theContinue reading “Zen in Eikando”

Series Tree

I love creating simple and clear UI designs. One standout project for me was a set of mockup screens for Series Tree, a 2013 iOS mobile game where users suss out numerical patterns cleverly hidden in a treelike grid. There were a couple of draft designs that I really liked, but didn’t quite match theContinue reading “Series Tree”

A new beginning

Hello! If you’ve stumbled upon this site, hello and welcome. This is a casual blog slash mini-portfolio of my illustrations, animations, and photography. The funny thing about this site is that it’s actually, secretly, 8 years old already. Deep within the bowels of the Media Library are dozens of old files and images from collegeContinue reading “A new beginning”