Capturing life’s wonders through street and travel photography.




The Secret Life of Moss at Gioji

Back in my Japan trip, I took a detour into a small and tucked-away shrine in the western district of Arashiyama in Kyoto. And was I glad to have been there. In its tiny confines was a whole universe of verdant greenery, abundantly expressed through various species of moss. Layers of it hugged the ground, creating a symphony of texture and life.




As a sign of contrition and repentance, Filipino volunteers engage in the yearly tradition of Penitensya. An ancient and bloody tradition, Penitensya pits man’s flesh against self-inflicted wounds, exemplifying Catholic piety and devotion in one of the holiest days of the year: Good Friday.



Tranquil by the Bay

Seaside scenery inspires wonder all throughout. By the beaches of Alabat Island, I found my calling.


At the Wet Market

I decided to head to the Munoz wet market early in the morning to capture a few quick snaps. Even this early, the market was already bustling with activity. Inside, it was chaos. Hundreds of people jammed together in a tight space, all looking for the best deals on meats, vegetables, and other goods. Hawkers called out to buyers, offering their plum wares. An array of goods were spread out on worn and creaking tables, ready for the picking.



The Bustle of Metro Manila

Metro Manila — the beautiful, the crowded, the vivid. A bustling metropolitan area with over 12 million souls, it offered me the perfect opportunity to capture a few snapshots of its people and its places.



Tokyo Sumo Bout

I’d arrived just before they introduced the makuuchi-rank wrestlers. Sumo has six divisions, and Makuuchi are the cream of the crop, who are proven veterans and winners of the sport. I watched as they circled the ring, clasp then raise their hands to the air.

Matches were short, but intense. At the shout of the referee, each wrestler would run towards one another with great energy, and attempt any one of the many maneuvers that could land their opponent out of the ring or onto the floor.



Pansol Pottery

My friends and I had the pleasure of visiting the Pettyjohn Household in Pansol, Laguna. Jon and Tessy Pettyjohn are renowned globally for their pioneering work in ceramics and pottery, so it was an honor to not only stay at their house, but also to be surrounded by incredible works of art.



Hong Kong: Urban Jungle

Hong Kong’s atmosphere strikes a wild, multilayered timbre that reflects the city’s very own aesthetic. Strolling through the city, it almost seemed like every single person and building in the city was infused by the feeling of movement. Everything must be on the go. If it cannot be moved, then something else must move, on top of it.



Zen in Eikando

The foliage of Eikando Temple is said to be most spectacular during Autumn. During the season, evening lights illuminate red leaves that stretch out towards the starry sky. I arrived there last year just as summer was ending; the scarlet hues that would eventually dominate Eikando’s foliage had not yet fully taken root. Still, the small splashes of orange among the trees whispered of eagerness for another season, another turn of the year, in this quiet corner of the world.




A Grand Adventure

I was incredibly lucky to have the chance to visit the Grand Canyon National Park. I wish I had a more advanced camera to capture all of its detail and color, but I am grateful for this rare chance to capture the awe-inspiring depth and scale of nature.