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Tabletop games for exciting adventure, introspective discovery, and memorable melancholy.


A rules-light, tension heavy tabletop RPG that tackles the apocalypse as we roll it. Play as heroes who race against limited time to save the world. Coming soon to a Kickstarter. Learn more.


What if you could tell any story through the revelatory powers of the tarot? With Imaginarium, you play a dreamer, who can act in the story, and the phantom, who influences that action by playing tarot cards. Simple to set up, asymmetric gameplay for infinite stories powered by the major arcana. Purchase for $7 at my Itch.

Beneath the River, Before the Thunder

Five games, six stories. Play alone or with your friends to craft engaging and original stories using a deck of cards and six-sided dice. Featuring RPGs such as:

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Adventure with capybaras, sing about forgotten gods, and roll coin for adventure. All available at